The world is constantly changing, so is design. As an educator, I currently work at the St. Joost School of Art & Design (Breda & Den Bosch, The Netherlands), where I help students to critically look on the changing world, discover the dynamic design practices and find their own position and role as a designer and image maker.  

I teach the 2nd, 3rd year students and accompany the 4th year graduation projects.
I am closely involved in the creation of the curriculum, project-based education program and recently the implementation of online learning in to the curriculum.

Design methodologies, research methodologies, reflection tools, storytelling, usability testing, creative thinking, profiling and focus on the development of own visual language are in the foreground of my work as an educator.

Next to tutoring projects, I give workshops addressing urgent global issues and or relevant developments in design.

See workshops and courses that I give.