Book illustration

The Nonexistent Knight by Italo Calvino

I have been asked to create illustrations for one of my favourite books by Italo Calvino The Nonexistent Knight (Italian: Il cavaliere inesistente). A story about a knight that exists only as an empty armour. The book is about the struggle of being an empty armour, indifferent to emotions, and the need to feel like a human.

The illustrations are created with the use of four primary water colors on paper. And are inspired by the simplicity of constructivist artists.

NRC Handelsbald – De snelle keuken

For the culinary section of NRC Handelsblad, I have created a series of illustrations using a combination of red-colored paper collage and mouse drawings, resulting in fast illustrations, what corresponds to the title “the fast kitchen”.

Illustrations for children picture book “Kinga and how to figure her out?”