Picture book on space pollution

I conceptualised, designed and illustrated a picture book on space debris and the interference of human in space. Currently, in collaboration with Noosphere NGO, we are working on the development of an augmented reality book and an animation specifically designed for a planetarium.

“Beyond the Sky – The great space clean-up”
This book will take you on a journey 180 million kilometres from planet Earth.
You will meet Qi and Ra, two friends who live on a tiny asteroid and are forced to deal with space junk. Disused satellites, empty rocket-fuel tanks, tools such as hammers, screwdrivers … even shoes, towels and empty food packaging … All human-made objects which for centuries will remain in space and will trash Qi and Ra’s world.
Will you help Qi and Ra to rescue their beloved world?
A picture book with many illustrations, which presents the urgent subject of space pollution in a light and colorful way. For 5-year-olds and above, and of course grown-ups. Written in English.


A key component of this project is a series of interactive workshops I provide to children, addressing the issue of space pollution.

Workshop on space pollution for kids