Inter-cultural city park: Beijing – Breda – Den Bosch

Workshop: 2017, inter cultural hybrid park
A 5-day workshop organised for the CAFA (Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing) and Akv St’Joost (Breda and Den Bosch) students.

The area of focus were three parks, in Breda, Den Bosch and in Beijing. The places were chosen because of their similar recreation purpose, but due to the different culture and geographical location, have a different architecture, fauna, flora, visual signs and are differently used by city inhabitants.

The students were researching the topic “Visible vs. Invisible” in the three parks. The structure of the workshop was based on an online relay race, in which students were exchanging research, concepts and designs with students from the other cities and reacting on them.

The workshop resulted with design proposals for an an inter-cultural online city park.